IMPRESIND infrared gas radiant heating TUB-ONE series products are composed of stainless steel heat generation system, HTSG, radiant strips made with heat-resistant aluminized material, and smart remote control system.

The TUB-ONE series infrared gas radiant heating uses natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other gases as the heat source. The burned heat is circulated in the radiant tube by a negative pressure centrifugal fan. The radiant tube emits infrared rays and directly heating at people and objects.

  Energy Efficient

Infrared gas radiant heating uses natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other flammable gases to burn in a special combustion device. Heat circulates in the radiant tube, and the radiant tube emits infrared rays for heating. The burner is equipped with a heat recovery device. Tub-One partially recovers the combustion by-products (hot fumes) by reintroducing them into the radiant circuit. It realizes automatic temperature control by stopping the burner at a set temperature, thereby saving energy.

  Environment Friendly

Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas are clean energy sources, and there are no sulfides or dust produced by the combustion; the emissions of the equipment meet the latest European atmospheric emission standards.


Infrared radiant heating is similar to the sun's radiation to the earth. Solar energy radiates heat through the atmosphere and reaches earth surface. This is because the sun can emit light waves (infrared). Infrared radiation heating equipment uses this principle to directly send heat through the air. The heat is absorbed by solids, people and various objects, and the objects are radiated again to heat other objects around. In addition, infrared rays can penetrate 15cm inside the human body and heat the body from the inside, so this kind of system is also called "artificial solar heating system".

The patented HTSG system does not require the use of silica gel or screws to seal perfectly between the radiant tubes and can achieve uniform thermal expansion at the same time. Moreover, the application of the HTSG system makes it easy to disassemble when the length and direction of the radiation belt need to be changed, which is not possible with other types of connectors.

IMPRESIND infrared gas radiant heating Tub-One series is suitable for hangars, railway and transit facilities, industrial plants, stadiums, museums, golf driving ranges, exhibition halls and other large spaces.