ECOPAN infrared hot water radiation board is mainly composed of special material radiation tube plate, water collector, insulation material and other components.

Infrared hot water radiation plate is hot water, hot steam or hot oil as a heat conduction medium, flow in the steel pipe of the radiation plate, use the radiation plate to generate infrared, directly through the air to solid, people and other objects that need heat to heat.

  Energy Efficient

There is no upward convection, small thermal inertia, little amount of dust in the air, and the ambient temperature is evenly distributed. Therefore, the effect of hot air floating indoor, air stratification, and thermal gradient are weak, which greatly reduces heat loss in large spaces.

  The core technology of ECOPAN infrared hot water radiant panel is the tube sheet structure of the panel. This structure ensures heat transfer between the tube and the panel. The diameter choice of the steel tube and the perfect design of the groove make the radiant panel highly efficient and allows it to achieve a uniform heat transfer effect.

  Safe and Comfortable

Because the product transfers heat in the form of infrared radiation, it causes no noise and no air disturbance, which helps to create a clean and comfortable working environment. 

Using water as the medium for heating: it is non-flammable and has no fire risk, ensuring a safe indoor environment.

  Good Temperature Control

According to the different room functions in a building, the system can be designed to achieve different temperatures. For example, the heating temperature of the area where people are active in an industrial plant can be designed to be lower than the temperature of a fixed area where assembly operations are performed. The heating temperature of the warehouse is lower than that of the business area, etc.

The hot water radiant strips are prefabricated in the factory with standard lengths of 3 meters and 6 meters (2 meters and 4 meters can be prefabricated under special requirements). Each board can be connected by quick coupling or welding. Each panel and water collection pipe are prefabricated and tested in the factory. The bracket of the suspension board is welded to the radiant panel, one per meter, which greatly guarantees the flexibility of installation.

Ceiling Installation

      ECOPAN modular radiant panels can be widely used in tall spaces such as offices, factory buildings, railway transit, stadiums, supermarket warehouses, exhibition halls, museums, etc.